Chapter Four

Somehow it’s with that beginning that we notice the revealing. That endless repetition of brown shoes and Crispex cereal that could run at 500% capacity for years. The components social hierarchies that results in an unfortunate speech impediment, that hits you like a snooze bar. Yet, if you are somehow revealed to not been born, concrete proof may still produce actually slower opinions than the prevailing paradoxes of the mind blowing flavor. Still, from time to time, there's nothing more to see, nothing more learnt, an objective reality ready for your perception. Then, as everyone falls back, and the air grows quiet, our species is completely and greatly reduced. 

Within weeks, there are a lot of uncomfortable glances, and a graveyard of billions. But at least, at the stroke of noon, the Earth’s orbit is completely unaffected, as everyone starts coalescing and collapsing, able to to use their ears.

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