New Full Length Album

Temporizing the Ephemeral

Released 4/13/2021. Available on most online stores and streaming services. Also available here right now.


Also Check out the Artist notes written about the process, the story, the meanings behind some of the songs. Artist notes page can be found here. 

New EP available now

Stage Slave EP

4 songs, all instrumentals, 28 minutes of progressive music. Released 1/24/2021


The musical project of musician/composer Kelleigh Lonidier in Olympia, WA. Kelleigh previously has played bass in the regional NC area in the band Driving Empty and Echoes of Fate. She also was the keyboardist, bassist and co-vocalist for the experimental group SnagLoopDog. Kelleigh has been playing music for over 25 years and has moved on to the solo project called Solar Pixie Journals. This project will include instrumentals, collaborations with other artists and some cover songs. 

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