Unafraid to challenge convention and push the boundaries of music into progressive & expressive art, composer/songwriter/artist Kelleigh Lonidier has long embraced her talents and exploratory creativity.  From her earliest days spent in the high school Jazz band, to the beginnings of her musical education at Weaver Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina, where she grew up, Kelleigh has dedicated every spare second of her life to learning everything she could about the craft & discovering her own unique style.  

Things began to move even quicker as she broadened her skillset through both professional & private lessons and continued to break through to new levels of her own capabilities.  Kelleigh joined her first band Echos Of Fate in 1991, and the moment the rumble from her bass amp began as she took to the stage, she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that a lifetime spent in music as a career musician was exactly what she wanted.  From the Progressive Rock style of her first band, to playing Jazz & Pop music in Whale Union, Avant-Garde/Experimental in SnagLoopDog, & Modern Rock in Driving Empty, Kelleigh gained a ton of experience by playing significant roles in the sound & songwriting of each band, which became an essential part of the development & evolution required to turn her into the artist she is now.  

After stepping away from the scene for nearly a decade to build a separate career, helping, assisting & inspiring others as a Social Worker – Kelleigh made the bold decision to return to music.  Making the most important move for her career to-date, she relocated from her home in North Carolina to Olympia, WA, and re-enrolled in her musical education, taking classes online to prepare for an all-new adventure in sound that could somehow take the sum of everything she’s learned & blissfully twist it through her own artistically-inclined, innovative & insightful perspective.  Kelleigh became Solar Pixie Journals.  

A solo-based project that could expand at any moment to include featured guest-stars & collaborators, making original music that’s designed to celebrate the unlimited potential of creativity in ideas & sound, Solar Pixie Journals is an exciting & imaginative representation of the style Kelleigh has always hoped to create.  A true blueprint of her soul, documented in music, exposed for all to witness; she’s ready for it.  A proud member of the LGBTQ community, a humanist, a music lover, and a tireless advocate for the people – Kelleigh creates without limits as Solar Pixie Journals & connects to listeners through vivid & vibrant material that dives deep into the art of expressionism with no apologies.  Committed, focused, passionate, & endlessly enigmatic – Solar Pixie Journals is now releasing ambitious & inventive new tunes online into the world for all to hear, ready to reveal powerful experiences you’ll truly remember.